Project Journal 20/08/10

Wow!! What a great start to the project, a fantastic first day.

The main focus of todays session was engaging with the subject matter of body image and the impact it has on the lives of young people today. We started with a few simple exercises just to get the ball rolling but very quickly moved into deep discussions proving just how important the project and the exploration of the issues is.

Everyone involved created a free and open space that allowed us to explore the issues honestly, thank you so much guys for jumping straight in. Exercises included:

  • making some rather hideous looking “perfect people” from various popular magazines.

  • Watching the brilliantly shocking Dove Evolution film:-
  • discussing what it is we really look for in friends and people we are attracted to.

Then we took off down to the Wellcome Collection in search of inspiration and knowledge.  Here we spent a good couple of hours looking at all the exhibits ranging from the grim and gruesome to the weird and wonderful.

Here’s what the group had to say:

“Didn’t know what to expect but it was an amazing day, all the people were lovely and would love to carry on [with the project]”
Elvis Miranda, 18

“I found today quite good because it was preparing us for next week… it was fun making the collages. It was really good to visit the gallery because it gave me lots of ideas”
April-Rae Hughes, 14

“I think the day introduced the topic really well and I’m looking forward to taking pictures based on the project.”
Maisie King, 14

“I found the skin exhibition slightly freaky yet really cool… I liked the activities that we did earlier in the day as it helped to get to know everyone. overall I found the day very interesting.” Rhea Dillon, 14

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