Project Journal: 23/08/10 – Beautiful World Beautiful People

Task 3 – Capture each other.

The final task of the day was quite simply to go out and take shots of each other using the information and skills they had picked up during the rest of the day. Sounds easy, right?

But, making sure you do that person justice on film, taking into consideration framing, light, texture AND the rule of thirds, is actually a whole lot to remember. Plus there’s the added nerves from the fact that any minute now you’re going to have to swap over and have your pic taken.

Everyone involved did a great job though and here is just a small taster of the fantastic things to come. Great work people!!

Check out the gallery

For me personally it was a brilliant day and a pleasure to work with such a responsive and creative group who are all mature, polite, considerate young adults but equally as important they were all great fun.

Here’s what Mark said about the day,

“They were all enthusiastic about learning more about photography and everyone produced some  great results … both myself and the young people really enjoyed the day.”

I’ll leave it up to the group to comment on how they felt about the day.

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