Project Journal 24/08/10

Day 2 of Training

After a great first day everyone arrives enthusiastic and ready to get involved. We start gently with a bit of research into an artist that Mark is a big fan of, Chuck Close. A remarkable artist who against all odds and serious trauma in his life including spinal collapse and face blindness manages to  produce some remarkable work. His interest in raw untampered portraits and use of blocks of colour lends itself perfectly to the mosaic we hope to end up with.

Task 2 – Getting up in their grill!!

Next we pick up our camera’s and move outside to take pictures of each other only this time using the influences of Chuck Close we concentrate solely on the face area. This is the first time the group get real, up close and personal suddenly people start to feel very uneasy, we have people rushing off to the toilets to check their hair, worrying about a spot that even hubble telescope would have trouble finding and making excuses why it’s “not a good day for me!”

So we take a moment to calm everything down and remind ourselves why we’re here:

we are who we are, we are all beautiful and the world can take me as I am!!!

It seems to work and the group get down to papping each other. Not even I am able to escape as you will see in the album.

“I think the subjects struggled slightly, but a number of great photo’s were taken and the whole group were very encouraging to each other… understanding the importance of the exercise.” Mark Sherratt

They really are beginning to gel and it’s Beautiful to watch.

Check out the gallery

Task 3 – Its Only Me

It’s now time to stop thinking about other people and concentrate on ourselves for a while. We al find a space of our own and bit of peace and quite to produce a self-portrait. A task that requires a great deal of technical skill and also a little bit of luck especially when using the timer settings. We had pictures with no people, giant pictures of foreheads and a few wonky eye lines but after a couple of goes we got some good shots.

Check out the gallery

Task 4 – The Bright Lights of Broadway

We spend some time looking at light and studio flash, how lights can give a picture a completely different feel and sometimes the things in the shadows that you can’t quite see make a picture look even more exciting.

We recreate a blackout studio using bits of old set from the Y Touring stores and Mark sets up the lights. Then, we throw the session plan away and just decide to have some fun!

Everyone takes shots of everyone, tunes a pumping out of the stereo (Mark & myself take this opportunity to educate the group in the outstanding skills of DJ Yoda), we bring in props, group shots and let the group let their hair down in a creative way. It’s just what they need, they laugh, joke and learn all at the same time.

Check out the gallery

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