Where were the plus size models at London Fashion Week?

For the last 7 days we have been bombarded with images from London Fashion Week (LFW) whether you read the Metro, broadsheets, tabloids or glossy magazines you will no doubt have seen images of the beautifully designed clothing ranges of stars like Matthew Williamson and Julien Macdonald and the spring summer ranges by high street giants like Topman. But what we haven’t seen this time round is pictures of beautiful plus size models.

Last year designer Mark Fast created a tsunami of publicity when he decided to only use models above a size 12. Women’s magazines and groups applauded him, his stylist deserted him 3 days before the show.

Here are just a couple of articles.





Here are some of his models.

This week however it appears Mr Fast has not been so bold and apparently only used one plus size model. Can you work out which one she is?

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1 Response to Where were the plus size models at London Fashion Week?

  1. nienkevdp says:

    I was thinking the same. I mean, what is so wrong with having normal sized models? I don’t compare myself with a skinny model and they do not make me want to buy anything.

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