Cosmetic surgery under examination

Really interesting article from Rebecca Front commenting on cosmetic surgery.

last week saw the publication of an inquiry into the safety of cosmetic surgery, and also the launch of an online register of practitioners who meet basic standards in the field. The website has proved controversial because many experts consider “basic standards” to be too basic; what counts as being qualified in this area is apparently a somewhat fluid concept. It’s possible that the person shoving a syringe full of botulism into your eye sockets has previously only injected an orange.

Full article here

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1 Response to Cosmetic surgery under examination

  1. Take a look at the work by Phillip Toledano, a photograher who has a show at KLOMPCHING Gallery in New York at the moment:
    breathtaking and provocative portraits depict people who have reconfigured their bodies by means of extensive plastic surgery. The photographs raise questions about self-perception and social paragons relating to what constitutes perceived notions of beauty.

    Rather than presenting a study of physical augmentation, that simply shows an apparent eradication of individuality via the surgeon’s knife, Toledano’s artistic achievement is the humanity that quietly projects from behind the faces of each subject—pride, hope, sadness, fear, awkwardness and defiance all abound.

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