An Amazing Email – You MUST read this.

This morning I received an email from someone wanting to volunteer on the project, well in fact I had received loads of them but this one in particular has stuck with me all day and I felt that you all deserved to read it too.

It talks about the life experiences of one of our volunteers, a story that at one point was full of sadness but one that is now shining with hope, positivity and encouragement not only for the authors future but for the future of other people suffering.

With the author’s permission I have posted it below. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your story with the world.

Hi Steven,

I left a message on the wall on the body gossip to express my interest in the event going on on the 2nd October. I know places will be limited, so I thought I would email you aswell (I hope you don’t mind) This is something which is very close to my heart.

I had anorexia since I was 13, and i’m now in recovery. I used to look at myself and cry, feel ashamed at who was reflected there. After seeking help and a lot of self determination, I decided I wanted to live again, smile again, dance again, love my body again. I spent years wanted to escape the body that was given to me. However, after a year of very hard work, I never thought I would eve say I would look in the mirror and smile at what I see. I like what I see, my smile is real, my eyes sparkle, and I feel like i’m living again. I want to do everything I can to promote healthy body image. I never thought it would be possible to like myself again, but I do, and it feels like something i’ve never felt before. I look at myself and feel proud, I feel proud knowing what it is my body, not anorexia’s body.

I can honestly say…… I like who is reflected in the mirror, and I will continue to look after that person, because she deserves to be happy, smile and love her body for what it is.

I would love to attend on the 2nd.After attending the Beat memorial service, it makes me so proud to be here today, and my heart is with those who are not so lucky.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Kerry O’Brien 🙂

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1 Response to An Amazing Email – You MUST read this.

  1. today was interesting. It was strange that there were no mirrors, as it was all about self image. We weren’t really sure what this is really about, and still not sure, but in a way worked it out. They all seem a nice crowd, but could do with more direction. We enjoyed the collage making, it was very thought inspiring.
    Thank you
    George & Micol

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