Time to say THANK YOU!!!

The shoot day was a massive success on Saturday with 60 people turning out to be volunteer models for us. We had friends, family members, people fighting for body confience campaigns, the curious and people who had come to view the Wellcome exhbits join us in our series of photo shoots and workshop activities.

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Throughout the day we captured some amazing images, gathered people thoughts and feeling and body image and quite possibly most important of all was the fact that we got people talking. Every single person who took part sat down with complete strangers and had open and honest discussions about their bodies and the pressure they feel from the media. It was quite fantastic to watch!

Getting people to talk and opening up the debate around body image/confidence is the only way things will improve.

With out the following people volunteering none of this would have been possible.

Leslie Cole Simran Parkash Janeeka Patel Esra Karampas Friedericke Urlaub            Neely de Jong Manpreet Bachu Natasha Roffe Siân Doughty Lucy Clements Kathryn Stewart Sophie Karl Rameez Dar Laura Scott Anita Bellamy Clifton Brown Olivia Wood Savanna Griechen Hannah Williams Karolina Stuart Dubois              Georgina White-Aldworth Micol Cattan Francis Henry-Pierre Katie Bamford              Ruth Rogers Elaine Duigenan Sasha Garwood Emma Felber Jessie Hermitt Bogusia Danielewicz Dr Julie Lokis Kim Rogers Rosie Tooby Sarah A. Chase                Caro Hamilton Caz Oliver Kerry O’Brien Bea Smith Boris Witzenfeld Sebastian Abermann Rachel Sherratt Sarah Sherratt Richard Craig Steven Shenton   Claire S. Phillips Alice Mannion Roxan Kamali Lewis Marshall Leila El-Gendy Stephanie Brown Mr Brown Mayowa Adebiyi Tom Swacha Kristy Noble Matt Nixon April Dutton Atreya Bakhshi Lina Gulhane    Aiden Holmes-Reilly

Thank you to each and everyone of you for taking time out of your weekend to come down and show your support.

You can meet them here.

We also have to say a massive, massive thank you, to the wonderful people at Calumet who were extremely kind and loaned us the lighting equipment for the day. It makes such a big difference having great equipment to produce the work.

The Wellcome Collection needs to be thanked for giving us the space to hold the event. The Forum was perfect for our day and by keeping our door open we were able to get visitors to the Collection involved in the project. Best we say thank you for the yummy sandwiches too!!

The following people also need a mention for their support over the last few weeks.

Susie Orbach

Sharon Haywood

MP Jo Swinson

Dr Petra Boynton

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