Simon says “jump!”, Louis says, “how high?”

We’ve known for ages that Simon Cowell is the evil man of pop, manufacturing, molding and manipulating impressionable young wannabees for several years but now it seems he has turned his attentions to Louis Walsh and has taken to controlling the way Louis looks.

In an article revealed in this weeks Hello! magazine poor Louis complains that an ever-youth Simon Cowell has been pressurising him to go under the knife. ‘Simon did say I should get an eye job, so I did,’ he admits. An X Factor insider revealed: “Simon has been badgering him for years and Louis finally succumbed.”

The reason Simon Cowell suggested getting  “a bit of work” is  so he looks his best when the show goes live next month. Last week Louis, 57, flew to LA for surgery on the bags under his eyes and had a few wrinkles Botoxed.

He told the magazine he feared being, ‘the old guy at the end’ but insisted, ‘I don’t mean that I’ll keep getting something done every year, it’s just that the other three are so well groomed and styled.’

Simon, 49, and Dannii Minogue, 37, are both Botox fans and Cheryl Cole, 26, has had porcelain veneers on her teeth.

Watch this weeks episode of x Factor and tell us what you think:

Was it worth it?

Does Louis really look any better?

Should a man who is 58 years old stand up for himself and be allowed a few wrinkles?

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