New Plus Size Magazine

The last month has not only been very special for The Beautiful Photography Project it has also seen the release of Britain first curvy-girl magazine this month as Just as Beautiful, a glossy aimed at women between a size 14 and 20 hit the shelves.

They say

Just As Beautiful Magazine is “the UK’s No1 lifestyle magazine dedicated to the curvy woman”. It is also the number one magazine in Britain and Europe catering to the plus-size market.

Published towards the middle of the month (unlike other magazines that are published at the beginning of the month), Just As Beautiful Magazine is a bi-monthly publication which offers readers valuable and exclusive information on curvy and plus-size celebrities, fashion, beauty, modelling, entertainment and real life stories.

The magazine started out life as an electronic magazine but due to popular demand it has made it to the news stands in print and can be yours for £4.70.

With articles that show looking fashionable and feeling sexy doesn’t have to be dictated by your dress size and some amazing photos it’s no wonder it’s becoming increasingly more popular.

Over the last few weeks it has been gaining some serious room in the spotlight with column space in tabloids and broadsheets alike and air time on shows like The Wright Stuff & loose Women.

Here are what some of the publications had to say.

The Daily Mail

The Sun

They are even running a Ms Plus Size London competition to find the next fuller figure model for their magazine,you can apply here if you feel you would like to take part.


Not all the press have been so complimentary of the magazine and some articles.

Barbara Ellen, in The Observer commented on the cover resembling a magazine that belongs on the top shelf.

The plus-size cover model is garbed in a pink corset, teamed with stockings and suspenders. Exactly which shelf is this destined for?

Ellen even goes on to accuse the publication of “ghettoising, even fetishising” plus size women.

You can read the full article here it’s about half way down the page.

Have a look at the articles and let us know what you think.

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  1. Robin Gargrave says:

    stereotype substitution

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