New “Wonder Cream” to get rid of your “Mummy Tummy”

For those of you unfamiliar with the term (yet another new one) “Mummy Tummy” is the softness around the midriff most women are left with after having a baby. A perfectly natural part of pregnancy and not surprising when the average woman gains around two-and-a-half stone during pregnancy.

According to an article on the BBC website last week saw the launch of a new wonder cream that will make “mummy tummy” a thing of the past.

“It’s a miracle apparently. A new cream costing £18.85 with “fat-burning ingredients” that can help banish a mummy tummy” claim its designers, but does it really work?

And more importantly why are women being made to feel that after all the effort and wonder of carrying a child around inside them for 9 months and then giving birth, they can’t just relax?

That women worry about their stomachs – and bodies – after giving birth is nothing new. The average woman puts on two-and-a-half stone during pregnancy, so it’s no wonder her stomach muscles are left looser than they were.

But in recent years this natural body change has been given its own moniker. At the same time, the raft of celebrity-focused magazines and tabloid newspapers seem to be keeping a watching brief on which famous mothers are winning – and losing – their battle with this baby bulge.

If these are the stories/images women see everyday in magazines then it’s no surprise they are comparing themselves to celebs and aim to be “back to normal” in the same time as Victoria Beckham. What they seem to forget is if you have a huge disposable income & personal trainer make that process a whole lot easier and so low and behold a cosmetic company comes in to fill the void with a reasonably priced “solution”.

But back to my first question, does it really work?

Not according to fitness expert Dr Joanna Helcke. “A woman’s post-natal bulge is not so much about fat as muscle tone” therefore a cream that burn fat isn’t really going to make a huge difference.

“When it comes to tackling that soft, jelly belly women notice after birth, it’s not just about fat burning – it’s physiological too. It’s about strengthening muscles!”

You can read the full article and people’s comments here. There is some pretty fascinating points of view explored.

One final note I would like to leave is that society should not forget the wonderful and magical beauty that one sees when looking at women who are either pregnant or new mothers. Surely, that is what we should be focusing on.

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