Is that a Gok in your pocket or have you just dressed to see me?

Today sees the launch of what some a hailing as a God send or should I say Gok send. Have you ever wanted your own personal stylist? I’m sure most of us would love the luxury but just can’t afford it. Well according to reports now we can!

Stylist to the stars and TV fashion super star Gok Wan has worked with app designers Grapple Mobile to produce the Pocket Gok. A mobile app that works on any platform whether you have a iPhone, Black Berry or something different all together. For £1.79 you can have Gok in your pocket.

Is it all a gimmick and a chance for some shameless branding?

Of course it is!

But, it does have some very good features. Once downloaded it give you the chance to enter your measurements, bust, waist and hip. Then it create a “body shape template” and provides you with handy little tips and style suggestions that are designed specifically to your body shape. Then the little “fashion fixer” will offer seasonal suggestions chosen specially by Gok himself.

Each dress/outfit comes with helpful advice on accessories and an option to save the ones you like to a “My Shopping List” page so when your out shopping next you’ll know exactly where to go and for what.

According to Wan, the idea is to present users with a range of affordable and easy-to-locate high street items, rather than bombarding mobile browsers with haute couture obscurities. “It’s all about helping people to choose the right clothes for their bodies, so that they look their absolute best and feel confident,” says Wan. “We have a range of stunning looks for all occasions. The app even shows you how to accessorise daytime looks for an easy day-to-night transformation.”

(Taken from

But it’s not all good with this app which is  a shame.

Fella’s you can forget this one as it’s strictly for the ladies! Come on Gok surely you should know that men like to look good too.

Phones with low memory will run at a much slower pace because of all the images in the app. So you will have to ask yourself do you want a couple more dresses or a couple more tunes in your library.

Also if you type in your measurements incorrectly at the beginning you can’t change them and you will have to do a total reinstall to reset the app.

If you’ve already been out and got yourself a Pocket Gok let us know what you thought about it here in the comments section.

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