Steve Byrne – Project Leader

Steve is Associate Director, Participation at Y Touring and part of the original creative team behind the project. Having worked as a workshop facilitator, arts practitioner and youth worker he knows only too well the struggle that many young people face when it comes to body confidence. He hopes that the project will start a conversation with young people that leads to them finding a more positive appreciation of their natural beauty.

Contact Steve on or 020 7520 3096

Mark Sherratt – Photographer

Mark is a professional freelance photographer who shoots bands, editorials and commercial work. As a photographer working in an industry that is obsessed with how people look and often having to make people look as good as he can (with the camera and with the computer), he is keen to help young people explore the idea of beauty, both inside and out to help expose the myth of the perfect photoshopped person on a magazine cover.

Camilo Aristizabal, 14, Bloomsbury
“Beauty is always on the inside for me and that has to come first. You can be attractive but if you don’t have a good personality it’s pointless.”

Camilo is back for the summer from the Michael Hall Steiner School. He is someone who likes to perform and be creative but wants to focus his work to media studies. He has always wanted to learn how to use a camera correctly but has never had the chance, until now.

Asma Begum – Youth Worker
“I don’t  believe we should be judged on the way we they look and that everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. Stereotyping needs to come to a stop, as the media is leading young people into believing their image is everything!”

Asma is  a youth worker at One KX, where she runs the Girls group for 11 to 16 year olds and the Girl’s Advisory Group for 14 to 21 year olds. She is currently studying for her BA Hons in Youth and Community Work.

Elvis Miranda, 18, Manor Park
I personally think lack of confidence and the media are main issues affecting how people react [to their body image]”

Elvis is a strong-minded creative person interested in all
aspects of media but with a real passion for photography. He has joined the course to further his training and reach his goal as “the best of the best”. Elvis is currently working for the London Transport  Museum as part of the Cultural Olympiad

Yasmin Ali, 18, Kings Cross
“I’d like to encourage young females to happy about their body and not feel like they have to be what the magazines tell them to be.”

Yasmin is currently a student who volunteers at her local youth club working closely with girls aged 11 to 15. She feels extremely passionate about her community work and is ready to stand up and be heard in the body image debate.

Jade Heaney, 15, Kings Cross
“I think people worry too much about how they look. i think as long as you’re a good person it doesn’t matter what you look like because you’ll always be beautiful on the inside.”

Jade became interested in photography when she got her first camera and loves being able to take pictures of other people and capture life. She is a little camera-shy herself though.

Rhea Dillon, 14, Croydon
“I think the media isn’t very supportive of young people our age. We are getting more and more self-conscious and it’s not helping!”

Rhea has a strong passion for all things arty. She recently purchased an SLR camera for an art project and wants to know “what all the buttons do”. She also enjoys sports and has a keen eye for fashion.

Maisie King, 14, Dollis Hill
“I think the topic of body image is very relevant especially at our age as a lot of people in their teens worry too much about their body image.”

Maisie goes to St Marylebone School and is getting ready to start her GCSE’s in September. She is studying textiles and feels not only will this project help her  but it will also provide her with the opportunity to learn more about photography.

April-Rae Hughes,14, West Hampstead
“My opinion of body image is that magazines edit pictures too much, which, makes it impossible to relate yourself to them.”

April also attends St Marylebone Performing Arts School. She loves all things creative but her real passion is dance. She chose this project to develop her photography skills.

Shivanie Babulall, 15 , Regents Parks
“People care about their looks too much. I don’t think people realise looking natural is a good thing. Looking different to everyone in magazines is still looking good just in a different way.”

Shivanie first got interested in photography when she got a camera for Christmas,  she hasn’t stopped using it since. The camera has become her way of expressing herself as she doesn’t like to write or draw.

Marco Duarte, 19, Brixton
“Looking good is important to me but not when it gets to the point where you start sacrificing things like your health.”

Marco is a young fashion designer who is already turning heads with his couture designs. This year he joins London College of Fashion.  He feels the project is perfect for gaining new skills and helping in his career.

Eleanor Ferrand-Brooke , 14, North London
“AIRBRUSHING!!! – Basically its pointless!  Most people I see in glossy magazines look much better to me naturally than they do after airbrushing. Giving people skinny wastes and plumper lips is ridiculous, it make you look nothing like the real you.”

Eleanor left boarding school, was home educated for a year and its now a member of Maria Fidelis School. Ever since doing a photography project last year at the Round House she has been hooked and has dreams of opening a magazine that is completely airbrush free.

Busra Yilmaz, 15, North London

“You cant judge a book by its cover!   You can’t judge a person by their looks!”

Busra is the latest addition to our family of photographers. She is a member of the photography club at school and is interested in increasing her skills base as well as having her say on body image.


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